I will shoot these bucket list events for love,

Yes, that means FREE, just cover my travel & feed me please.  



Multiples * Outdoor Booked ! * Family Booked ! Surrogate Booked ! * Adoption * Trisomy * NILMDTS Rainbow Babies


Proposal * Myra Falls Skinny Dipping * Helicopter Elopement * Quadding in the mud Trash the Dress * Beach honeymoon * Senior Couple Love *    

    Second shooting an East Indian Wedding 

Germany * England * Holland * Hawaii * New Zealand 

Please don’t hesitate to ask if you are faced with a once in a lifetime moment, journey or situation that you would benefit from having captured, either artistically or therapeutically.

Moments you won’t get back, highly charged with emotion, where others wither and shy away, moments fleeting as we speak, I am here for you. 

Please Get in touch right away to reserve your date while it is still available and lets build a plan to capture these time-stopping moments in your life

I will change the color of each of these that I capture and lets welcome a rainbow by the end of the year !





Igniting my heart with passion projects

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