These moments of new life are so incredibly emotionally charged, transformational and fleeting.

Relationships are changed in an instant and every moment is raw and electric.

I find myself passionately chasing these experiences and am honoured each and every time I am welcomed to share a birth and transformation from lovers to parents.

Dream to child.

Your moments are irreplaceable.

You will change so drastically in that moment, the incredible strength you possess, and immediate overwhelming Joy and Awe, that unless captured, ceases to be celebrated too quickly.

Birth photography allows these moments to be captured artfully and welcomes the moments to be treasured and shared.

Where many may want to join your in your birthing space, this way you can allow them to be a part of the joy, while protecting your birthing space from visitors. 

I have developed a registry for your Families & Friends to contribute to your memories. To gift you with the most incredible moments of your life, to keep.

Have a look at Marci & Davids registry and give me a call to set yours up !

One of Crystal’s greatest gifts is that within moments of meeting her she has the uncanny ability to make you feel confident, beautiful and completely at ease.

She uses the medium of the camera to bring out the beauty of every soul, and she coaxes it from you so effortlessly that every image she captures absolutely radiates beauty and love.

Crystal has captured almost every major milestone since I married my husband. She helped capture the beauty of our wedding, she fostered a confidence in me to do a boudoir shoot for my husband, and she walked with us on the beautiful journey of pregnancy, birth and parenthood.

We couldn’t ask for a better artist and friend to capture these moments. Thank you Crystal !

Kate, Brandon & Amelia

Right before having Grace was a very scary time for my husband and I.

Our daughter had been diagnosed in utero with TAR syndrome, a very rare genetic condition with serious health effects.

Crystal took our precious baby’s first photoshoot at 6 days old. It was the most frightening and exciting time of our lives.

Crystal was gentle, caring, and sympathetic. She created the most beautiful images that we have to cherish. 

We shared lots of laughs with Crystal as she created the representation of our love for our daughter. Not only did Crystal do these photos but also our first pregnancy photos and another shoot of Grace at 3 months.  

I hope we continue chronicling our daughter’s journey with Crystal ! 

Sara, Ben & Grace

I met Crystal several years ago and she has been an invaluable part of our lives ever since. Her warm and accepting personality and professionalism made me choose her to capture some of the most important times of our lives.

She was the one to help me see my true beauty and capture my pregnancy in a gorgeous boudoir session in my own home ( you would never know this by looking at the photos ).

She was also there during the birth of my second child at home, silently capturing the most intimate and fleeting moments of labor and delivery. Since then Crystal has captured our family in our Newborn Portraits, Mothers Day and Memorial Sessions as well as birth announcement photographs for our third (Rainbow) baby due this summer. She will be here for the birth of our third and we will continue to use her for our families needs.

Creating warmth and capturing the ‘Spirit’ of the moment, Crystal is easy to work with. Creating images that fit your own vision as well as having her own artistic vision.

I would not hesitate to recommend her for ANY of your photographic needs.

Kara, Ken, Amelia & Elias

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