Marci, David, Grace and Rosalie are expecting the arrival of their new family member in May !

Due Date : May 27th, 2017

Now, we have done this a time or two before, so we have most of what we need and what we don’t have we’re happy to get.

Something that I have dreamed of since I first became a Mom is having those amazing first moments captured so that I can hold onto that memory forever.

As the room fills with moans, groans and screams from the soon-to-be baby it also fills with strength, love, and embrace. These feelings we too quickly forget as we lead our daily lives in our fast-paced nature. It is my dream to capture those feelings, those tiny blissful moments, through photography so that I can look back and feel this once again.

It is our wish that instead of providing us with gifts via a baby shower, that you contribute towards our birth package.

This package will allow our entire family to feel the complete whimsical magic, that is our family, as it grows. It will allow us not only to capture moments of the four of us before our newest member joins us, but the moment in which this little person completes our family, and also our complete family afterwards.

Thank you & We Love You,

Marci, David, Grace, Rosalie & Baby

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