These Brave, Beautiful women have found their Siren,


Crystal is a local photographer who is Beyond amazing ! She sees the beauty in everything around her.

I have had the pleasure of getting to know her these past few years and she is an incredible and beautiful woman inside and out. Crystal is also always updating her education so she’s on top of all the new trends .

This past week Crystal and I got together and made some photo magic for our third time, She captured my maternity images, with my family, floating in the river and nude, and now naked in the snow ! I will forever be thankful for how she makes me feel about my self !

Crystal is a creative Genius , everything she touches turns to GOLD. And I trust her wholeheartedly. The amount of detail that she puts into her work is just astounding . It’s pure beauty what this woman can capture every time !

If anyone is wanting to capture that special moment or bring out a feeling you’ve been hiding Crystal can help you show your inner self. I promise you you will be forever be in love with her work you create together ! 

Amanda Tanti

Crystal introduces a relaxed atmosphere in which magic moments are able to be made.

Crystal is able to capture not only the look, but also the feel of these special moments. 

Crystal, You’re Wonderful, You do a great job and it’s an Awesome experience.

~ Marilynn Bergen

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